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PLMP FinTech Celebrates 1st Year Anniversary With A Raft of First Announcements

Singapore, 12th Nov 2018

PLMP Fintech, the local Financial Technology firm behind Singapore's first-ever Blockchain Technology Centre, celebrated its first year of operations this month with a raft of exciting first announcements. The Fintech firm successfully overcame the challenges posed by a bearish market outlook on Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) by helping a first consortium of innovative SMEs set their footprint in major fast-growing industries.

Additionally, PLMP Fintech announces a first-of-its-kind Blockchain Empowerment Programme (BEEP) to provide SMEs with Blockchain solutions and integration into their existing business operations, thereby allowing companies to seamlessly participate in the new digital economy.

Speaking in front of a huge audience of international delegates including Cambodian Prince Norodom Thanora, PLMP Fintech's Co-Founder Nicholas Lim says, "We crafted this company to help SMEs reap the benefits of implementing cutting-edge technology into their businesses."

Well ahead of its times, PLMP Fintech aims to be one of the first home-grown Fintech Firms to issue Security Tokens once the necessary licensing has been granted from the Monetary Authority of Singapore. The tokens will be listed in the CMBDEX Exchange, the centralised trading platform that will be launched by the end of 2018.

Says Co-Founder Kym Kee, "We want to be pioneers in the global stage by offering this new Financial tool to SMEs from all over the world."

PLMP Fintech's headquarters has established itself as a regional knowledge hub for technologists and developers. The building's top floor has been refitted with classrooms and an open digital library to offer a conducive learning space for SME entrepreneurs to discover the multifaceted applications of Blockchain.

Says PLMP Fintech's Co-Founder Peter Lim, "Singapore is just the starting point of a regional expansion that aims at replicating PLMP Fintech's success across the borders." The firm has established its presence in the main financial districts of Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand with plans to reach 10 Asian countries by the end of 2019, including an extensive space in what is meant to become China's own Blockchain Silicon Valley in Shanghai.

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