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Fintech Firm to Launch Singapore’s First and Largest ICO Advisory

Singapore, 26th Feb 2018

Located at BTH Centre in Serangoon North Avenue 5, the advisory centre is expected to be ready by 1 March 2018 and aims to be the leader in support and service for ICO advisory, blockchain and cryptocurrency ICO in Singapore and the Southeast Asia region, according to a statement sent on Monday.


It will initially feature a dozen customer service counters to provide the necessary one-on-one in-depth consultation and solutions such as proposing collective crowdfunding for a pool of startups. «We fill in the gap,» says Peter Lim, Co-Founder of PLMP Fintech, a financial technology company that was founded in 2017 and will be partnering with international multidisciplinary firms to build the Cryptocurrency ICO Support and Service Advisory cum Educational Centre in Singapore.

At these counters, our team of cryptocurrency advisors will work with customers and offer support and solutions every step of the way to manage their diversified portfolio,» Lim added. As ICOs are fraught with risks, customers visiting the advisory centre will have the opportunity to learn more about due diligence process, token security undertakings and how token investors can cash out.


With a planned room capable of storing more than 1,000 mining rigs worth more than 10 million Singapore dollars, the advisory centre will replace conventional electricity usage with solar power panels to conserve energy towards environmentalism in progressive business.

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