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LAToken and CHAOEX opening global trading to PLMP Fintech's Creatanium Ecosystem

Singapore, 23rd Oct, 2019

Trading for PLMP Fintech's digital currency Creatanium (CMB) officially started on 21st October, 2019 on crypto exchange LAToken, one of the top 20 platforms in the world for volume and pairs, followed by EU-registered CHAOEX where buy and sell orders will go live on the 24th. The offer price of US$1.82 is the result of a steady growth during the first year from the launch value of US$0.20 in May 2018 to the ten-fold peak of US$2 hit at the end of July 2019.

"CMB is now strong enough to enter the international market," says Peter Lim, PLMP Fintech's Chief Strategist and the seasoned trader who has nurtured the digital currency from fundraising tool for the firm's Initial Coin Offering to a widely accepted utility token for B2B and B2C transactions and a stable asset whose value is linked to the company's long-term plans and performance.

PLMP Fintech's move to list on global exchanges aims at attracting Bitcoin holders to its in-house developed CMBDEX platform, one of the few in the world to allow for the direct withdrawal of fiat through the Creatanium token. The Singaporean firm is also planning to introduce by the end of the year a forward smart contract product coded on blockchain that will leverage on the stability of CMB to provide a buffer for the huge swings experienced by the first cryptocurrency.

The strength of PLMP Fintech's digital coin lies in being part of a continuously expanding ecosystem of platforms and features that operate under the same physical management and virtual network. Mobile application Creatanium Wallet, which started as a secured storage for CMB together with BTC and ETH, is now a fully functional e-payment gateway that will soon include a dedicated e-commerce section for merchants to list goods and services to be purchased by users through digital tokens.

"We have succeeded where most ICOs have failed because we remain committed to our long-term vision to reap the benefits of the latest financial ("fin") and technological ("tech") tools and support small and medium enterprises," highlights Lim. PLMP Fintech unveiled last month its masterplan for the Creatanium Smart City, which once completed will witness the mass adoption of CMB by thousands of businesses and individuals for their daily transactions.

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