27th Aug 2019
26th Feb 2020
PLMP Fintech's Venture Capital entity secures Fund Management licence to bring blockchain to over 10,000 SMEs in 10 years
Aug 2019

Creatanium: Currency for Users, Asset of Investors

29th May 2019

Multi-Million Contract Awarded to Blockchain Firm PLMP Fintech to Reshape Indonesia's Logistics Sector

11th July 2018

PLMP Fintech Launches Blockchain Centre for SMEs in Singapore

27th Aug 2019
23rd Oct 2019
LAToken and CHAOEX opening global trading to PLMP Fintech's Creatanium Ecosystem
23rd July 2019

Cryptocurrencies becoming the exclusive e-payment method for end-season Durian Fair

May, 2019

Creatanium: A new generation of digital assets from the ashes of the Bitcoin era

23rd May, 2018

Singapore's Largest ICO Advisory Centre Launches Most Ambitious ICO Consortium in the World

27th Aug 2019
Singaporean Fintech player leading local SMEs into major One Belt One Road Smart City Project
2nd July 2019
Creatanium Wallet app debuts by bringing digital currencies into Singapore's high-tech Funan Mall
12th Nov, 2018

PLMP FinTech Celebrates 1st Year Anniversary With A Raft of First Announcements

26th Feb, 2018

Fintech Firm to Launch Singapore’s First and Largest ICO Advisory